September 26, 2018


Our services include:

Domestic Moving Services: We Pack, Wrap, Uninstall, Install and move all levels of Households and Commercial properties, Within any geographical location in Nigeria. We ‘ve been able to move over 1400 households and commercial properties within Nigeria.


International Moving Services: We Pack, Wrap, Uninstall, Install and Move Households and Commercial Properties within any region outside the country. We move properties to Asia, America, Europe and Afrrica at large. We have successfully moved over 500 international households and commercial properties.


Haulage Services: We haul goods from one geographical location to another within Nigeria and across border. We ‘ve bee able to haul over 1,100 goods to different locations. We ‘ve served as contactor / transporter for different company, like Dorgan Sugars and Viju Company. We have different sizes of truck for this purpose.


Removal / Moving of Heavy Machines: We move heavy duty machines and equipment from one point to another no matter the capacity. We make sure this machines are well wrapped, secured before moving. We have successfully moved more than 600 heavy duty machines within Lagos and in Nigeria at large.


Express Delivery: We deliver small quantity of items from Lagos to any part of the country and across border. No matter how little or fragile the item,  we tactfully and professionally pack and wrap them. We deliver within 24 hours in Nigeria and within 60 hours abroad. We are fast, swift and smoth in delivery.


Cleaning Services: We are cleaning professional in Lagos and environs. We clean offices, houses, schools, banks and factories. We work on long term / contract, commercial cleaning. Over the years we ‘ve successfully cleaned more than 200 offices and homes.


Building and Property Management: We build and erect houses. We also manage properties and estates. We build different levels of houses, bungalow, duplex, hospitals, warehouse, schools, plaza and lots of them. We don’t build with low quality materials. Our buildings are zero torerance to cracking. We ‘ve been able to complete over 15 houses. We build solid based foundation.