September 25, 2018

About Us

About Wilsonjay Movers

Wilsonjay Movers and Packers Services is a moving company and logistic outfit registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission and had started ever since the year 2014.

We are committed to handle the hassles in relocation and haulage services in Nigeria and across the country. Ever since 2014 we ‘ve satisfied our clients with over 1800 domestics and international move.

We relocate properties in two dimensional ways, which include domestic and international moving services. We pack, wrap, uninstall and install households items.

We use sophisticated materials for our relocation services, especially the fragile properties and this we do methodically and its benefits are beyond the boundaries of relocation business manipulation itself.

Our company play a leading role in providing and guiding the implementation of high quality move. Yet, we are leading-edge moving company in Lagos and in the nation.

Our keen interest is on our client properties and we accord it high priority. We stick to the agreement made with our clients, and without interruption to the time alloted for the move or haulage delivery.

We move throughout the regions of Nigeria, from point A to Point B without delay. Try Us for a successful and hassle free move delivery experience.